2017 Fashion Awards Celebrates Stella's Stance on Sustainability

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On December 4, The British Fashion Council hosted the 2017 Fashion Awards and granted designer Stella McCartney with the Special Recognition Award for Innovation for her lifelong advocacy towards animal rights and sustainable fashion.

“She has created a modern business that, in turn, has led her to be at the forefront of sustainable sourcing and material innovation," Natalie Massenet, chairman of the British Fashion Council declared. "She is proof that high and ethical fashion combined can create astonishing results and her innovative approach to the industry is an inspiration to us all.”

As a lifelong vegetarian, McCartney has always refused to use leather materials in her designs to much speculation from the fashion set. In the process of sourcing more sustainable fabrics for her luxury designs, she discovered many ways to incorporate sustainability into her work; she began to utilize cruelty-free silk, organic cotton, recycled cashmere and reclaimed plastic from the sea. Her brand is the only luxury fashion house to use viscose sourced from sustainable forests, of which we lose 150 million trees a year to become fibers used in fashion.

“It’s the future of fashion – the fact that we can use less water, less energy, use our land, our resources, and the planet’s resources in a more efficient way - I think it’s fascinating and I think it’s the only way forward,” Stella told Vogue in an interview surrounding her Fashion Awards honor.

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