What We're Listening To: Fashion Revolution Podcast


Fashion Revolution aims to unite people and organizations radically change the way our clothes are sourced, produced and consumed, so that all clothing is made in a safe, clean and fair way. Fashion Revolution’s recently launched podcast is filled with valuable information about the production of most western clothing and how consumers are a vital, if not most important, piece of the puzzle to call out the fashion industry’s dirty secrets.

“Because of the lack of transparency from the brands that we buy, we don't know if the people who make our clothes are protected from unsafe and polluting conditions, we don't know if they are paid enough to support their families, if they have enough freedom to speak out about fear of losing their jobs or worse...threatened with violence. We don’t know if their basic, inalienable rights are protected,” spoken by Sarah Ditty, head of policy at Fashion Revolution on episode one of Fashion Revolution Podcast.

It may seem like an inconvenient truth, but Fashion Revolution wants consumers to know that every purchase matters. Each and every one. That each purchase may contribute to the plight of those creating those garments, usually very far from where one actually purchases and wears them.

To bring to light the trials of garment workers and the current fashion production landscape, the Fashion Revolution podcast dives into the lives of those at the center of the garment trade. By conducting interviews and highlighting facts about the current reality, just by tuning in, one can get a better understanding of how our clothing purchases affect men and women around the world.

Listen below or click here to be directed to Fashion Revolution.