This Fashion Documentary Needs You

Many of us watched “The True Cost” and it changed our perspectives on fast fashion (if you haven’t seen it- watch now! It’s streaming on Netflix or available for digital download). The best way to spread information is by seeing the effect of our fashion consumption first-hand, and that requires determined artists and storytellers to bring us there. We stumbled across this Kickstarter campaign for a new documentary that aims to tell the story of one designer and his quest to create sustainable clothes.

From Claudio Montesano Castillas, Director & Producer of "Beyond the Label:"

“In the past few years, the question of who makes our clothes has been widely discussed in mainstream media, but less focus has been put on why the current supply chain and business model are what they are. We believe that understanding why is crucial to imagine a better how and initiate change. Following fashion designer Kim Trager in his endeavor to produce fully sustainable clothes, our documentary will explore the themes of social responsibility and environmental impact in depth. With the help of top international experts and eco-innovators, we will dive into the lives of the people who make our clothes, in search of readily applicable solutions that empower the audience.”

We can get behind that. We pitched in, and if you can, support the Kickstarter here.

** Update 1/15/18 **

The Beyond the Label Kickstart campaign did not get fully funded by the campaign deadline and the funds have been returned to all the backers. "Our Kickstarter campaign has been a success in an unexpected fashion (pun intended). We have been truly overwhelmed by your kind messages and the strong interest in our film! The word is out thanks to you, and we enjoyed media coverage in the US, Mexico, France, Australia and the UK," campaign creator Claudio Montesano Casillas  stated in a personal message to all backers. "Everyone in this community has been of tremendous help in spreading the word one way or another. Stay tuned in the coming weeks, as our very own oracle foresees a wind of good news coming our way... ;)"