First-Ever MAKE SMTHNG Week Leaves a Mark

Photo courtesy of Wendy Wu/Greenpeace

Photo courtesy of Wendy Wu/Greenpeace

A dreamchild of Greenpeace, Fashion Revolution and Shareable, the first-ever MAKE SMTHNG week launched Dec 2-10th, 2017. The campaign goal is to combat the annual consumption and waste that surrounds the holidays and instead encourage consumers to simply make something instead. By upcycling, recycling and creating your own gifts, givers around the globe can gift something more meaningful and create much less waste by participating in the #makesmthing, #buynothing mantra.

The campaign fostered hundreds of collaborating makers, artists, creatives, designers, bloggers and activists around the world: 175 events in 32 countries on 6 continents, hosted an estimated 10.000 people in workshops and panels. The campaign promoted upcycling and DIY techniques that breathe new life into already existing products instead of buying new.

“Your experience of creating something makes you reflect on your consumption patterns more, and it’s more likely that you find a way to repair, care for and share your things before throwing them out” - Kirsten Brodde, Greenpeace

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