The RealReal and Stella McCartney Partner Up For A Circular Economy

The RealReal concept store in NYC  Photo Courtesy of TheRealReal

The RealReal concept store in NYC Photo Courtesy of TheRealReal

The RealReal, the e-commerce, luxury consignment shop, has formed a strategic partnership with sustainable designer and environmental activist Stella McCartney to promote the secondhand use and a circular economy within the fashion industry. The partnership will promote the importance of extending the life cycle of luxury products by reselling them on consignment with an exclusive program to launch in 2018.

According to a release by TheRealReal, more than 80 billion pieces of clothing are produced worldwide each year. Of these pieces, 75% will end up in landfills. In fact, August 2nd, 2017 marked 'earth overshoot' day meaning that on that day we used more from nature than our planet can renew in the whole year.

Stella McCartney is no new kid on the sustainability block; She has been an outspoken leader in her brand’s evolution to embrace new business models that aim to transform how clothes are produced, sold, shared, repaired and reused. The partnership with the popular consignment destination, TheRealReal, will help extend the life cycle of luxury goods and promote an overall more sustainable approach to shopping.

“We believe that consignment and ‘recommerce’ can play a significant part in reducing the number of raw materials that are required each year from our planet. This is key in our commitment to becoming part of a more circular economy,” commented Stella McCartney in the official press release issued by TheRealReal. “By ensuring that our products are used for the entirety of their life cycle, it is possible to begin to slow down the number of natural resources currently being cultivated and extracted from the planet for the sake of fashion."

Information for reselling Stella McCartney's goods will be promoted within her boutiques worldwide, and panels will be held at both brands' stores where experts will explain the circular economy to customers. Additionally, a Stella McCartney pop-up store will open at The RealReal's concept space in New York’s SoHo this November.

Also, The RealReal has deemed the first Monday in October as National Consignment Day and is promoting secondhand use with the hashtag, #NeverThrowAway.