The Ultimate List: Five Easy Unisex Gifts That Do Good

Five Easy Unisex Gifts That Do Good.jpg

The Kind Hostess: The Starling Project, $55

The Starling Project candles are hand-poured in Brooklyn, NYC and are made of soy wax, recycled glass, cotton wicks and ethically-sourced essential oils. Each candle burns for a minimum of 60 hours (and they smell heavenly). For each candle sold, a donation is made to UNICEF to bring solar energy one person in need. We suggest the best-selling scents Hyacinth + Bamboo and or Currant + Rosewood.

The Starling Project Orange Flower and Amber.png

The Starling Project



The Smarty Pants: One Class from MasterClass, $90

Not into material gifts? Give the gift of learning from the best. MasterClass is an online platform that offers courses from world-famous experts; learn cooking from chef Gordon Ramsay, tennis from Serena Williams, or how to build a fashion brand from Diane Von Furstenberg. Each class is a comprehensive and exclusive course from the best in business--- a thoughtful and perfect gift.

MasterClass Logo.png


$90 for one course,


The Necessary Accessory: Pela Phone Case, $35

Plastic phone cases are typically treated as a disposable, plastic accessories that are changed out often. Meet the Pela phone case made of plant-based materials- and it’s completely compostable. We tried out the rose-quartz color and it is perfect, but check out the wide range of colors available for multiple phone types.

Currently on sale for buy one get one 50% off!

Pela Phone Case Rose Quartz.jpg

Pela Phone Case



The Crowd Pleaser: White Marble S’well Bottle Set,$95 

The fashion-forward S’well water bottle brand is on a mission to safe plastic waste and gives back to philanthropic causes. They have debuted a list of brand new styles including (super chic!) tumbler cups for the home. Steel tops are sold separately so your at-home mug can be your car mug, too. Each piece can be sold a la carte and there are a seemingly endless variety of prints, sizes, and colors available for everyone on your list. Want to go the extra mile? Personalize one for your loved one, here.  White Marble Set (pictured below) available here and at Target.

White Marble Bottle & Tumbler Set, $95.png


$95 for set,


The Giver’s Gift: Support a Cause!

Want to support sustainable fashion? Help our friends over at FabScrap expand their textile recycling program and save fashion waste here. Have an environmentalist at home? Donate trees in their name ($1 for every tree!) with the top rated National Forest Foundation. Know a culture buff? Donate to the local public radio station or their favorite podcast in their name. Love the arts? Give the gift of a year-long membership to their favorite museum. Is your partner an animal lover? Support the top-rated PetSmart Charities or Animal Welfare Institute.


Need more ideas? Leave a comment and we will do our best to help you out. We got you.