MATTER Prints Talks Cultural Appropriation

Photo courtesy of MATTER

Photo courtesy of MATTER

A brand we love and follow, MATTER Prints, recently published an open letter describing the internal conversations they have had recently as a design team: What is the fine line between cultural appropriation and appreciation? 

MATTER is known for utilizing heritage prints and sourcing sustainable textiles by working directly with rural artisans across Asia. The result is beautiful and sustainable pieces that tell the story of where they were created by reinvigorating the ancient crafts as modern wardrobe additions.

As sustainable shoppers, we found this piece particularly interesting. Much of our online shopping research finds us looking to support the creators of our clothing, many of which are far from our home. Their designs and handicrafts are unique and we have often found ourselves wondering whether we are welcome to wear them if we are cultural outsiders. How do we show our support without looking offensive? What is the line of appreciation versus appropriation?

Read MATTER's honest thoughts here. 


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Leharia Charcoal Suit Set


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