We Tried the First-Ever Sustainable Stocking

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We love stockings. We use printed ones to add interest to our outfits, we use opaque ones to give a chic all-season touch to our summer dresses, and we slide them under denim in the freezing months when one set of outerwear is not enough for our cold extremities.

The problem with traditional stockings (i.e.: our former pairs from Target) is that they are typically comprised of nylon- a petroleum-based fiber- that is not renewable. Also, tights are not expected to last more than a season, or sometimes a few wears, before they rip from usual wear and tear and are rendered useless.

Swedish Stockings, the designer hosiery brand made from recycled nylon, has set out to remedy this cycle of waste with the first-ever closed-loop stocking brand. To keep the loop of valuable yarn in motion instead of entering the landfill, Swedish Stockings welcomes old & damaged pairs to be sent to their headquarters (a minimum submission of three pairs) and they will reward you with a 30% discount on your next purchase.  Any brand can be submitted for this recycling program.

We tried out our very own pair called “Andrea Smoking,” $32, with a denier of 50 (the higher the denier, the thicker and heavier the stocking fabric). The “Andrea Smoking” stocking has a stripe down the side of each leg and is made with a 3D knitting technique that minimizes waste.  For bonus points, Swedish Stockings’ headquarters are zero-waste and runs on renewable energy, an extension of their corporate ethos to reduce environmental harm.



The size ran true- our model typically wears a size 4/6 and got a size medium.


The waist band was soft and not too tight. These are not meant to be a control-top design, so the waistband was as thick as the rest of the stocking.


The fabric is matte and smooth.


No holes yet! Good as new and in shape. Did you know that you should stretch tights before putting them on after each wash? This helps get the yarn ready to shape your body. Read all the handy tips from Swedish Stockings that changed the life of my tights.


Since tights are “delicates,” which means we should not throw them in the wash with zippers, buttons or hooks that may snag them, hand washing in cold water with mild detergent is the best option. Air drying is best, too.

Good as new.


Great purchase. We was also more mindful while wearing and washing than ever before, and it made a world of difference. The more conscious the wearer and garment, the better for all.

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Swedish Stockings

Andrea Smoking, $32